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Hear To Speak

Speech Pathology    

Who would benefit from this service?

Children who required assessment for speech production and/or language delay.

Children who have been diagnosed with auditory processing difficulties.

Children with a mild, moderate, severe or profound hearing loss who currently use hearing-aids and / or cochlear implants.

Some of the ongoing therapies we offer are:

  • Listening Development (attending to sound, learning to discriminate sounds, understanding what is heard)

  • Language (vocabulary and sentence structure)

  • Speech Production (saying vowels, consonants, words/sentences clearly)

  • Auditory Processing (understanding speech in quiet and in noisy conditions, phonological awareness)

What will happen in these sessions?

At your first visit, we would spend some time getting to know you and your child. A play interaction between you and your child may be video recorded. Older children may be able to complete some assessments. Following an observation/assessment period we would discuss your child and establish some listening/language and speech goals with you.

Parents are the key

For many reasons, it is considered 'best practice' for us to coach you as parents to give the best possible input to your child. Parents spend the most time with the child and understand the larger context of the child's home, family and school life.

We do want parents to maximise their own abilities to influence their child's development. We don't want to undermine parents own cultural beliefs and competencies.

Research and our experience shows that the secret of successful therapy is the commitment of the family and the encouragement of relationship-focused highly responsive parents.

How much does it cost to attend "Hear to Speak"?

Hear to Speak is a private Speech Pathology practice, and fees are charged at standard private Speech Pathology rates. Please call us if you would like details.

Some children may be eligible for limited Medicare Plus benefits if they have an Enhance Primary Care plan developed in conjunction with their GP. Some private health funds will pay part of the cost of private speech pathology services. Hear to Speak is registered under "Academic Hearing Aids" with all the major private health funds.

You do not need a doctor's referral to see a speech pathologist, but some private health funds may require a doctor's referral letter before you can claim benefits for speech pathology. You will need to check with your fund yourself to determine if your child is covered.

To arrange an appointment with Hear to Speak:


“Hear to Speak" was established by Dr. Shani Dettman in 2006 given her particular expertise in the field of working with children with profound hearing loss.

Currently two Speech Pathologists are available by appointment  -

Dr Shani Dettman B Ap Sc., Speech Pathology (LaTrobe University)  M.Ed., Ph.D., (The University of Melbourne)  Speech Pathologist/Clinical Research/Senior Lecturer  - The University of Melbourne - Audiology and Speech Pathology


and Laura Sinclair B Arts, Psyc; M. Speech Pathology (The University of Queensland) Speech Pathologist/Research Assistant  The University of Melbourne - Audiology and Speech Pathology

To arrange an appointment with Hear to Speak:

Please call Dr Shani Dettman (03) 9035 5336 or reception on (03) 9035 5333

Postal address and Rooms are at 550 Swanston Street, Carlton 3053.

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