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About Us

Established in 1990, Academic Hearing (aka Academic Hearing Aids) arose out of a need to provide Master of Audiology students at the University of Melbourne with on-site university hearing training and best-practice clinical experience.


Academic Hearing is a privately-run organisation located within The University of Melbourne Audiology Clinic.

Why Choose Us?

From your first appointment, our audiologists will take into account your personal preferences, budget and hearing needs to work through your best options and ensure you find a hearing aid that suits your needs. Our team of qualified audiologists will be with you every step of the way, striving to ensure that you achieve your hearing potential.



Our audiologists – you will be seen by fully qualified and experienced audiologists who also lectures at the university. Our audiologist will actively teach whilst being up-to-date with the latest hearing aids, devices and accessories. From your first appointment to subsequent follow-up consultations, you can experience the consistency of speaking to the same hearing specialist every time; rest assured they are fully familiar with your case.



Our reputation – we have earned a strong reputation for quality. Most of our clients have heard about us through word of mouth.



Our teaching - alongside our passion to provide you with a best practice audiology service, we are also teachers committed to helping educate the next generation of audiologists. As a teaching organisation, our post-graduate audiology students will play a significant role and may be present during your appointment. However they will be supervised at all times by your qualified audiologist, so you never have to worry about the quality of your experience being diminished. 



Our after-sales service – we pride ourselves on making sure your hearing aid continues to work optimally for many years to come. Our audiologists will adjust, fine-tune, test and service your hearing aids to ensure you experience continued satisfaction. This enables you to obtain the best possible result with your hearing aids. For this reason, we do not charge any consultation fees during the warranty period of the hearing aids (typically 3 years).



One month trial – we offer our clients a one-month trial, which helps give you time to adjust to your new hearing aids, and to decide whether or not the hearing aids suit you.  If not, alternate hearing aids can be fitted for a further one-month trial (trial fees apply if all hearing aids are returned).


All hearing aids trialled at Academic Hearing Aids are expertly fitted, and customised for the individual person (not relying on assumptions about how the hearing aids are working.)  Academic Hearing Aids does not believe it is in the clients' interested to trial generic demonstration aids as they often do not reflect the likely benefits of well-fitted aids.



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